What's New in ES-Builder Expert System Shell

esb302ES-Builder 3 is much simpler! It does away with the separate programs model of the previous version and combines everything into one simple interface. Now you can create a web site in the ES-Builder Expert System Shell.

With a little work, your full expert systems project can be created in HTML format for electronic publishing.

Built-in exporting functions include the flexibility to create a web pages for:

  1. Searching the expert system
  2. Displaying the Knowledge Base
  3. Displaying the Decision Tree
  4. Displaying the full Decision Table
  5. Listing the Attributes and Values
  6. Specifying the ES Documentation

Check out the Tips page!

Click here to see an example of an expert system web created with ES-Builder Expert System Shell

The ES-Builder Expert System Shell is a set of purpose built tools for use in the teaching of the basic concepts of expert systems to secondary students, however, they are suitable for teaching about expert systems from primary to tertiary.

ES-Builder is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from 98 to 7. It has a simple familiar Windows interface which allows the easy entry of expert system data once the research for the expert system has been  completed.

ES-Builder allows the user to easily build decision trees of basically unlimited size and complexity These parameters easily exceed any requirement for student assignment work, where 40 conclusions represent  a very significant challenge. Once conclusions, attributes and values are defined using the decision tree, data entry is simple and intuitive.

ES-Builder uses the Windows tree view component which allows the easy creation of expert system decision trees by  point and click addition of attributes, values, and conclusions. Many possible errors in tree construction are precluded by the program which only allows valid branches to be added to any node. The decision tree can be  tested easily at every stage of data entry for validity by by a simple button click that will report errors and move to the erroneous node.

ES-Builder allows the user to add detailed notes about each attribute, value and conclusion along with a picture or diagram to illustrate each one. This additional data becomes [art of the Expert System web site.

Once the Decision Tree is completed using ES-Builder, the user can print the decision tree to a selected printer or choose to export paste the tree in rich text form into another document, eg the word processor they are using to write up their assignment.