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Please read all of the following instructions carefully!

To activate your login you will need to:

  1. Fill in all fields in the registration form. Students are not required to use their real name or full name. That is up to you.
    (You may want to use an alias that identifies you to your teacher however).
  2. Enter a valid email address, this will also be your login. A Confirmation Email will be sent to this email address.
    You will not be able to login in until this email/login is verified and confirmed from your email account.
  3. Please do not use a password that you have used for an important account like a school login password, ESPECIALLY not the one for your email account. When you check your email to confirm your login, the password will be visible in that email.
  4. Email addresses and passwords are stored using one-way encryption. McGoo Software is NOT able to check emails addresses and passwords for you as unencrypted data is not saved at anytime in the registration process.
  5. Name fields only accept characters in  a..z 0..9 _ - . @
  6. Once you have it all filled in then we will have to check you are human. Please enter the letters in the reCaptcha very carefully. If at first you do not succeed, try, try again!
  7. Confirm your registration address by finding this email and clicking on the Confirm link in the Confirmation Email.
  8. This will take you back to the login page and you will immediately be able to start using ES-Builder Web.
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